Monday, February 06, 2006

Destroy to Create

My husband and I had a talk yesterday about money. It seems we don't have as much as I spend we do. Actually, we have the money, we just need to be spending it on things other than yarn, gadgets, eating out, etc. Having been bitten hard by the knitting bug, I am determined to find good yarn on the cheap. I've found a coop where there seem to be semi-regular bargains that will suit my needs, I keep my eyes on ebay - but so does everyone else, I watch for closeouts/clearances at the local yarn and craft stores, but I want a cheaper, high-quality yarn stream, soooo I'm attempting my first unraveling...

I purchased a sweater at a thrift store today. It's a nice tan-beige colored pull-over made from a cotton/linen blend. It looks as though it will unravel easily, but I won't know for sure til tonight when I cut it apart and give it a try! If all goes well, I intend to make a tank top for my sister-in-law from it for her birthday. If all does not go well... it's only $3 blown and SIL will get something made of a similarly colored wool yarn from my stash - a bit too scratchy for a tank. I'm excited to try unravelling a sweater although I'm sure it will be a bit of a pain. Fact is I've got more time than money so off I go. Pics to follow.


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