Thursday, March 02, 2006

Maggie and Hamilton Knit a Thingamajig

The Power of Knitting

I sat down to watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, a cartoon for pre-school aged kids, with my son this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find Maggie and Hamilton (her pig friend) knitting a "Thingamajig." The Ferocious Beast seemed to feeling left out (I tuned in late so I can only assume it was because he didn't know how to knit...) and decides to go to Turkey Town since he was not able to join in the knitting fun! When he gets there the turkeys start following him around - and when he tries to leave, they continue to follow him, refusing to stay in Turkey Town where they belong.

In the meantime, Hamilton expresses to Maggie his wish that they could knit something useful instead of just a super long thingamajig - of course, Maggie, being wise beyond her years, knits merely for the pleasure of knitting. In fact, they both find knitting so much fun that they forget to eat lunch! (They finally do stop for a bit to have grilled swiss cheese sandwiches and peaches, though.)

As they finish up with lunch and are ready to get back to the fun, Beast comes along with the turkeys on his tail and doesn't know what to do! But, Maggie does! She travels with Beast, Hamilton, the turkeys and the thingamajig back to Turkey Town and uses the useless thingamajig to put up a barrier to keep the turkeys in town! Hurray, Knitting saves the day!


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